Get high-performing teams one challenge at a time

Skoach uses proven behavioral science to disrupt how companies achieve cultural change and high performing teams

About Us

Your culture is in your people's hands


    Studies show that:

  1. People leave managers, not jobs      
  2. Peer recognition retains talent
  3. Negative behavior is contagious

We take Behavioral Science and apply it to Change Management


We put together the latest research in Behavioral Science and Habit Creation to promote healthy habits around the critical soft skills that drive high-performing environments.  This includes helping your team create new habits around autonomy, growth and feeling safe at work.  

Our product's structure and content is based on psychology and neuroscience studies or academic publications, incl. Harvard Business Review

How it works


  1. Skoach identifies personal goals and cultural priorities by surveying all employees (e.g., delegation, feedback, recognition, self-esteem) 
  2. Then, Skoach challenges employees to work on personal goals and later on the group goals.
  3. To do that, Skoach bot sends challenges to be applied on the job and create the right habits 


"The program is a success. Feedback is really becoming part of the culture. Results were much better than I expected, even if a lot of people have challenges to complete, everyone now speaks about feedback"

"Skoach is a tool for us - it shows the company cares about us"