We digitally coach your teams
to unlock their own potential


Get into the right mindset

Look at feedback as a growth opportunity


Learn how to receive feedback

Practice active listening & explaining yourself non-defensively


Learn how to give feedback

Learn how to give positive & constructive feedback


Never forget the action plan

Learn to create
a good action plan


We found a way to boost feedback and make it stick

Our mission is to help our clients build a strong feedback culture. We believe it is the most effective lever to invest in people, show them how to grow and optimize team dynamics.


Phase 1: Digital Coaching

MAKE IT NATURAL ! Get everyone excited about feedback and skilled on giving & receiving it.


Phase 2:

Virtual Assisting

ENABLE THE HABIT ! Make it easy for everyone to fit feedback in their agendas.


Customer feedback

‹‹Feedback became part of the culture››
‹‹It makes me feel like the company invests in me››
‹‹It brought me closer to coworkers››