Range Tabs

These over-head tabs allow you to quickly display tasks which are can (or should) be done in a given time-frame. Overdue. All tasks which are past due AND incomplete will show up under the Overdue tab. There are several ways to reschedule overdue items:

1. Drag task onto another range-tab (Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week).


2. Click on the task to open task properties. Then click on the range to select a custom range from the pop-up calendar.



3. To schedule an exact time, you can drag the task directly onto your schedule. Alternatively, you can click on the task to open task properties. Then click on Specify Exact Date/ Time.


Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week

Use these tabs to quickly add new tasks or to view your task list. To set a more precise range, use the Range Selector.

Custom Tab

The Custom tab only displays after you have highlighted a custom range in the Range Selector. Once a custom range has been defined, the Custom tab remains visible until you log out of Skoach. Even if you switch between tabs, the Custom tab will continue to access the most recent custom range.

clip_image002[55] Hint: Using the Range Selector to add new tasks in this way adds more realistic precision to your task-planning. It’s super-quick, once you get the hang of it!


Repeating Tab

This tab collects all repeating tasks in one place. This is also a convenient place to create new repeating tasks. If you create a task under the repeating tab, Skoach will prompt you to define a recurrence schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). clip_image060[4]



clip_image002[56] Hint: To check a repeating task “complete”, be sure to click on the instance of that recurrence appearing on your calendar. The recurring task which appears in your task list is ALWAYS the master task; changes to the master task (reminders, notes, schedule changes, etc...) are reflected in all instances of the recurring task.

clip_image066[4] clip_image068[4]

clip_image002[57] Hint: You can spot a repeating task by looking for the repeating icon (revolving arrow): clip_image070[4] or clip_image072[4]

Future Tab

This tab is reserved for tasks which will be done at some as-yet unspecified time in the future (longer-term goals, future projects, some-day tasks). To put future task on your active task list, just drag the task onto one of the range tabs (This Week, Next Week...).


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