Creating Tasks

To create a new task:

1. Click on a category tab; then click a date range tab.


clip_image001[4] Definition: A date range is the time-frame during which you hope to do a particular task (as opposed to duration). For example, “call Sam” may have a range of “this week” because I’d like to call sometime this week.

clip_image002[42] Hint: You can also select a custom range by highlighting a range in the Range Selector. Click the arrows clip_image012[4] clip_image014[4] to switch months:


2. Click on the text-field, enter a task name, and press ENTER or click clip_image018[4].


3. A small window automatically pops-up. Select Hours and Minutes with your mouse or type the duration directly into the duration field. For a full day event, check Full –day event. Then click OK.

clip_image002[43] Definition: Duration is the actual time required to perform the task.



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